Overview of Residence Halls

Morris Cone A & B – Freshman Hall
Morris Cone A & B was built in 1982 and has 22,580 square feet. The two buildings provide larger living spaces and better storage and closet space. The common area bathrooms and laundry rooms are centrally located on each floor. Morris Cone A is the men's residence hall; Morris Cone B is the women's residence.

Tiger Landing – Upper Class Male Facility
Tiger Landing was built around 1960 and is a 20,000 square foot apartment-style complex. It has 50 apartments with full living accommodations that can house up to 170 males.

Salter Hall – Upper Class Females
Salter Hall was built in 1950 as a traditional residence hall with 16,015 square feet. This facility can house over 70 females.

Honors Village – Upper Class Males and Females
Honor Village facility was leased in 2002 and is comprised of three mobile units designed for academic honor students. Students must have a 3.5 or above GPA. The units have a total of 22 rooms, which can house 44 students.

The following accommodations are provided for all residents:

  • Non-traditional housing (apartment style) provides a twin long bed, study desk and chair, overhead lighting, and ceiling fan.
  • Traditional housing (community style) provides a twin long bed, study desk and chair, lamps, and personal lockers.
  • Micro-fridges are available in all lobby areas for community use.

What to Bring: compact computer and printer, radio, alarm clock, compact television, extra long twin sheets, pillows, blankets, desk lamp, hangers, laundry detergent and basket, umbrella and rain coat, shower shoes and toiletries, compact ironing board and iron, durable combination/key lock, waste basket, sewing kit, bathrobe, flashlight, can opener, throw carpet, a few decorative items, formal clothing, business attire, school supplies, immunization card, USB cord, wash cloths and towels, small storage containers, surge protector

What Not to Bring: fans, amplifiers, aquariums, cooking appliances (hot plates, toasters, toaster ovens, George Foreman grills, broilers, indoor grills); electrical items (electric blankets, space heaters, furniture, power tools); alcohol and/or drug paraphernalia (kegs, party balls, pipes); weapons (knives, BB guns, play weapons, air guns, any type of firearm); fire hazards (candles, incense, coffee pots)