Refund of Tuition and Fees

Refunds for students withdrawing from the college or dropping courses to part-time status, for any reason, will be made in accordance with the scale listed below.

Days Enrolled

Percent of Refund

1 – 7


8 – 14


15 – 21


22 – 28









Days enrolled are based upon calendar days, including any holidays, and not just school days.

Application fees, housing deposit fees, and graduation fees are non-refundable.

The above schedule is applicable to all students withdrawing from the institution regardless of time of enrollment or payment of tuition and fees.

Refund of Room and Board

Room and board charges begin the first day the residential halls open. If a student withdraws from school or moves out of the resident halls, the room and board charges will be prorated from the day the residential halls opened until the day the student officially moved out of the residential hall. After 43 days into the semester, no refund will be given for any reason.