Edward Waters College is a registered Duval County Health Department (DCHD) HIV Testing site. We provide confidential and anonymous testing free of charge to the public.

Edward Waters College has implemented an HIV/AIDS/STD prevention program that targets young minority women on the college campus. The goal of the program is to identify effective methods to educate and increase awareness for prevention of HIV/AIDS/STD and the educational needs for females on campus.

The HIV/AIDS Prevention Program will also host several programs on campus to provide faculty, staff, and all students with HIV/AIDS/STDS prevention knowledge.

EWC Student Health Services provides special care to students. Health emergencies, nutritional information, or health-related issues are provided by trained health care professionals committed to providing the highest quality of health care and health education to Edward Waters College students.

**Some information provided by the United States Department of Health and Human Services - Office on Women's Health HIV/AIDS Programs.