Pre-Alumni Council

Mission Statement of the Edward Waters College Pre-Alumni Council

The Edward Waters College Pre-Alumni Council (PAC) focuses on preparing students to become effective alumni under the guidance of dedicated alumni. We strive to raise the awareness of the importance of the College Fund/UNCF through community involvement and fundraising activities. It is important that we learn about our responsibility to give back, in hopes of allowing other young people to have the same opportunities which we have been privileged enough to receive.

National Pre-Alumni Creed

I believe in the member colleges and universities of the United Negro College Fund and for what they stand individually and collectively. I believe that they should always exist and should always further the cause of higher education among historically black colleges and universities. I believe that these colleges form a legacy ever devoted to the high ideals for which they were grounded and that the pre-alumni council should promulgate not only the tenets of higher education but should promote the highest in race relations as well. I believe that I should pledge my continuing interest and support to NPAC and UNCF. I shall always work to keep the Torch aglow as I become an alumnus(ae) of a member institution. It shall be my intent to always foster and inculcate loyalty and devotion to my respective alma mater, National Alumni Council, and the United Negro College Fund.


Any student enrolled at Edward Waters College may become a member of the College or national Pre-Alumni Council.