Dr. Islam Noor


Associate Professor of Sociology


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Ph.D., Sociology, North Carolina State University-Raleigh, 2001

M.A., Sociology (with Geography as minor). East Carolina University, 1986

M.S., Geography, Dhaka University, 1976

B.S., Geography, Dhaka University, 1974

Research Interests:

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Islam, N.K. (2015). Weak Bangladesh State and Its Rising Corruption: A Threat to its Fragile Democracy, Social Order, and Economic Progress. [In progress for publication: The Journal of Democracy].

Mandal, A., Islam, N.K., Scott, J., Okafor, B., and Mandal, P. K.  (2014). “African American and Cancer: A Minority Health Advocacy,” Journal of Bioprocessing and Biotechniques, vol. 4 (7): 1-3.

Islam, N K., Mandal, A.,  Scott, J., and Mandal, P.K. (2013). Factor Affecting African American Health: Empowering the community with health Literacy. Journal of Bioprocessing and Biotechniques; vol. 3(1).

Islam, N.K. (2010). Bimsho Sathabdir Bithor-dhia Gore-utha Ake Muslim Bangali Nari [Making of a Twentieth Century Muslim Bhadramahila (Lady)].Published in Proganmer Patheyo [Provisions for New Generation (a commemorative anthology). Khulna (Bangladesh): [Publisher] Tonmoy Prokashoni.

Islam, N. K. (2009). Obstacle for Democracy to be institutionalized in Bangladesh: A few Alternative Ideas regarding how to escape from this political quagmire. Paper presented in The Annual Social and Political Science Seminar of Satkhira City College, Satkhira, Bangladesh. [22 July 2009].

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