The Department of Music

The Department of Music at Edward Waters College supports the mission and purpose of the College by serving as the primary cultural resource center for the arts. The Department of Music promotes the artistic and cultural development of our academic community by sponsoring numerous concerts, master classes, and programs on the local, state, and national levels throughout the academic year. The rewards of this exposure are numerous for our students, and include an exchange of a breadth of knowledge which includes academic enrichment within a liberal arts framework.


The mission of the Department of Music is twofold; first, to serve as the pre-eminent primary cultural ambassador for the arts in Jacksonville; secondly, to serve as the primary ambassadors of our College in both the local community and throughout the United States.


The music program provides training in applied music and sacred music management (with emphasis in music). The objective is to produce graduates who are prepared to teach music, further advance their applied skills, and promote the value of the arts in the larger community.


  • Students who complete the Music component of the core curriculum will have a basic understanding of musical vocabulary and the evolution of musical styles throughout Western civilization.
  • Music majors will demonstrate understanding of the music history and literature of Western civilization.
  • Music majors will demonstrate an understanding of the theory and analytical techniques applicable to music of the common practice period.
  • Music majors will demonstrate applied performance skills in conducting and one or more of these areas: solo voice performance, solo instrumental performance, and ensemble performance (instrumental or vocal). The minimum level of performance proficiency is determined by the degree the student is pursuing.


  • To be knowledgeable of musical styles and literature from the medieval period to the present time, including but not limited to Western Music.
  • To be able to demonstrate a working knowledge of fundamental music theory and harmony.
  • To be able to perform on major instrument as specified by syllabi at each level of education.
  • To have the ability to perform with other musicians in large or small ensembles as appropriate.
  • To be conversant with the teaching and administration tasks and duties related to teaching students at the elementary and secondary level.