Department of Mathematics and Sciences

The Department of Mathematics and Sciences is one of the departments in the Division of Arts and Sciences at Edward Waters College. The Department currently has two academic programs.

  • Mathematics
  • Dual Degree Engineering Program

Department Mission

The primary mission of the Department of Mathematics and Sciences is to prepare the students at Edward Waters College for participation in professional careers in the fields of Mathematics and prepare students who want to become Engineers. The Department also provides service courses such as physics and chemistry for the entire student body. The Department contributes the necessary math and science knowledge for those students continuing education in several engineering disciplines under the Dual Degree Engineering Program supported by the Department of the Army.

Department Goals

The Department of Mathematics and Sciences offers majors in Mathematics, along with other supportive courses in physics, earth science, and chemistry. Graduates of the Department of Mathematics and Sciences must exhibit a broad range of knowledge in their disciplines. They should be able to use this knowledge independently or in teams to approach and solve problems critically, analytically, and creatively. They also should be able to effectively communicate within and outside their disciplines, which may include the use of appropriate terminology, the development of technical reports, mathematical proofs, etc.

Departments Objectives

  • Successful completion of a major prepares the student for graduation and work in their relevant fields.
  • Prepare qualified students for graduate school.
  • Prepare students to continue their studies in electrical, civil, mechanical, or other engineering fields.
  • Prepare students for careers in teaching math and science classes in middle and high schools.
  • To teach students in diverse majors the basic concepts and skills of mathematics and to provide a mathematical background for all students to appropriate to their needs.
  • Provide opportunities for the faculty of the Department to pursue research.
  • Provide support for each faculty member to participate in grant proposal writing.
  • Allow faculty to participate in proposal writing workshops and conferences.
  • Provide supportive courses for all students throughout the campus.