Department of Business Administration


A Bachelor of Business Administration is designed to provide business students with a springboard needed to further academic or professional careers, and to instill the skills required to compete in the business and professional world. Our mission is to position EWC Business students for good job prospects, including basic social and critical thinking, communication, technology, leadership, and/or entrepreneurship abilities.


The Department's vision is to instill academic excellence, ethics, creativity, commitment, collaboration, flexibility, self-esteem, and positive reaction to changes and challenges with utmost confidence in any interested business. We strive for excellence, effective growth, and student retention.

Program Goals

The study of Business Administration at Edward Waters College (EWC) begins with a solid emphasis geared to molding students towards strong leadership and entrepreneurial abilities. This preparation is an integral part of becoming an informed, responsible, and reliable business and community leader. Our goal at the Department of Business Administration is geared towards an intensive student development of the whole person, body, mind, and spirit that will lead to successful career opportunities and advancement in business and industry. The goal for the program design is to create a high-quality business program that supports disciplinary, interdisciplinary, and professional academic programs that meet global and 21st century business education perspectives.

The Department of Business Administration understands that success in the business field today depends on integrating global knowledge and entrepreneurship into the business program. The Department has taken action in recognizing that business education integrates important applications of core business concepts into its curriculum, such as management, finance, accounting, business ethics and policies, business report-writing, marketing, international business relations, business technology, organizational behavior, and management operations

Program Outcome

Upon completion of all course works, EWC Business students will possess competent and rounded knowledge in business administration, corporate leadership, finance, and accounting, as well as interdisciplinary skills in reading, writing, mathematics, listening, team facilitation, and the ability to demonstrate and exemplify profound spiritual and leadership values at all times, in any environment, as representatives of Edward Waters College.