The Biology Program at Edward Waters College seeks to prepare students for careers in the Biological Sciences through increased enrollment in graduate and professional schools. The curriculum in Biology is designed, in general, to prepare students for employment, graduate studies, and for productive lives which require an understanding of the scientific method of investigation. The specific objectives of the Biology area are:

  • To provide specific courses designed for students who plan to become teachers of Biology at the secondary school level.
  • To provide specific courses and experiences for students who intend to pursue graduate studies in Biology or other related disciplines.
  • To provide advisement for entry into health-related career courses.
  • To provide an environment conducive to scientific discoveries.

Learning Outcomes

  • To develop an appreciation and knowledge of the impact that Biological Science has on the ecosystem.
  • To work effectively as an individual and within group through succinct communication and productive interaction.
  • To develop critical thinking and problem solving skills that apply to lifelong lea rning as well as knowledgeable teaching.
  • To provide an environment conducive to scientific discovery and promise.

Labs and Equipment

Biology Laboratories, Hatcher-Stewart Building, Rooms 101 and 102: Perkin Elmer Microarray Scanner, Bio-Rad Gel Documentation System, Techne PCR Instrument, Edvotek Transilluminator, Beckmen Coulter Avanti J-E High-Speed Centrifuge, Air Clean Laminar Hood, Milli-Q Water Purification System, iWorx, Balances, Refridgerator/Freezer, Oven, Biology Models, Skeletons, etc.

Chemistry Laboratory, Hatcher-Stewart Building, Room 201: Balances, Incubator, Refridgerator/Freezer, Spectrophotometer, Bench Top Centrifuges, etc.

Research Laboratory, Hatcher Stewart Building, Room 220: Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrophotometer, Fourier Transform Infra Red spectrophotometer, Ultra Violet/Visible Spectrophotometer, Atomic Absorption, and Electrophoresis Equipment