Academic Programs

Edward Waters College (EWC) academic program is designed to provide a high-quality undergraduate 21st century education to all students that will consist of a reinvigorated, practical, and engaged liberal arts education with comprehensive academic support services for all.

The EWC liberal arts education is designed to provide our students with a program that is rigorous, inclusive, pragmatic, and socially responsible. Edward Waters College is striving to become an "intentional" institution that will employ resources and align its practices in purposeful ways to provide a powerful liberal education to all students.

The academic program at EWC recognizes that college students come to this institution from an extremely diverse array of national, racial/ethnic, and socio-economic backgrounds. As such the teaching and learning environment is specifically calculated to focus on the kinds of learning that students need to be successful in a complex world. The goal of the academic program is to produce students who are intentional learners capable of adapting to new environments, integrating knowledge from different sources, and who will be lifelong learners.


Edward Waters College awards the following degrees in eight degree programs:

Bachelor of Arts: A Bachelor of Arts degree is awarded to a student who completes the requirements for a major in Communications, Music, Psychology and Criminal Justice.

Bachelor of Science: A Bachelor of Science degree is awarded to a student who completes the requirements for a major in Biology, Elementary Education, and Mathematics.

Bachelor of Business Administration: A Bachelor of Business Administration degree is awarded to a student who completes the requirements for a major in Business Administration.

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In keeping with the College’s mission, the academic curriculum is designed to develop in each of its students the high levels of competence in basic social, thinking, listening, speaking, reading, writing, mathematical, technological, and leadership skills that are the characteristics of an educated person. This curriculum consists of the General Education Program and eight academic Major Programs. Please see the College Catalog for degree plans. Edward Waters College degree programs are composed of courses in the following categories:

  • General Education/Core Courses
  • Mission Requirements
  • Major Courses
  • Supportive Courses
  • Electives