Division of Academic Affairs

Promoting Planning, Progress, and Productivity


The Division of Academic Affairs will become an urban higher education model that is recognized nationally for excellent academic programs and effective, innovative teaching and learning strategies for diverse student populations. Embracing Christian principles and a spirit of servant leadership, the Division will be a leader in promoting excellence and ethics, student engagement, community service and service learning, relevant and contemporary teaching methodologies, and community-oriented research.


Committed to the principles of excellence and ethics, the Division of Academic Affairs is the nucleus of the academic enterprise at Edward Waters College and offers high-quality baccalaureate degree programs. In an academically challenging, student-centered environment, the Division of Academic Affairs provides rigorous and relevant undergraduate programs that incorporate intellectually stimulating curricula, problem-based and active learning, effective teaching strategies, academic technology, experiential learning opportunities, and diverse instructional delivery systems.

Through ongoing faculty development, the Division promotes a culture that nourishes and supports research activities, excellence in teaching, scholarship and service. The Division endeavors to produce graduates who are well-prepared academically and who possess high levels of competence in critical thinking, verbal and written communication, mathematical computation, financial literacy, technology, global awareness, and life skills. Accordingly, the Division seeks to develop within each student a commitment to excellence, service, and ethical values and to prepare students with the breadth and depth of knowledge that will empower them to be competitive in a global market.